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Health Technology Services

MDG Health

MDG Health Technology Services provide a range of medical equipment management services to all types of medical facilities. Each service is customized and tailored to the user’s expectations and medical equipment needs. The services rendered include Health Technology Planning and Acquisition, Commissioning and Decommissioning and Disposal.

Our comprehensive consulting service programs offer the following

checkHealth Technology Aquisistion

This program aids the facility in the procurement of new, quality used and refurbished medical equipment. A comprehensive selection program can be established for your facility to improve the seslection and purchasing process to optimize all possible national discounts.

checkHealth Technology Maintenance

Established to assist medical equipment users with unanticipated equipment failures. The program is available around the clock. MDG Health Technology Services technicians assist the equipment user with alternative cost effective parts and labor prices on a wide range of medical equipment. A simple call and we will respond.

Similar to our On-Site Corrective Maintenance Service with the exception that the user decides to send in the defective piece of equipment to our facility for service and/or maintenance.

checkPreventive Maintenance / Quality Assurance Testing

Established to assist medical equipment users in complying with manufacturer’s annual recommended service requirements. This service uses computerized scheduled testing procedures that measure and ensure the systems operational, safety, and accuracy functions. The procedures area established through cooperation of the American Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, National Fire Protection Agency, The Joint Commission, and Emergency Care and Research Institue. These inspections are performed with specialized medical and electronic testing equipment traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. A detailed equipment cleaning practice is also performed during this testing. An inspection complete sticker will be affixed to the equipment upon completion informing the equipment owner the date the equipment was inspected, who performed the inspection, and next due date. Testing results are issued on a format approved by the customer.

checkAsset Management Service

Details a computerized feature that tracks the performance and cost of the medical equipment. This information allows the equipment owner to make day to day decisions regarding the repair and possible replacement of the medical technology. This program contains numerous components and is a total medical equipment management plan. That also includes the development of asset register.

checkInventory and Service Audit

Established to offer the customer a comprehensive evaluation of the current medical equipment inventory. All information relevant to the equipment is evaluated and multiple points of recommendations are offered. A complete evaluation of the current medical equipment service program can also be performed with well detailed recommendations for improvement.

checkCompliance Consulting

Gives the medical equipment user the access to a wide range of medical equipment consulting services, to include but not limited to, new equipment purchases, compliance issues with numerous regulatory agencies, medical equipment evaluations, and technical/clinical inservicing.

checkEquipment Reallocation

Aids the facility in selling its retired medical equipment, relieving the user of the storage, shipping, and ongoing liability of an asset no longer used by the facility.


MDG Health
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Greytown Hospital R 231 140.00
R 231 140.00