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MDG Project Management

MDG is a group that specializes in Programme/Project Management, Architecture, Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Client Advisory Services in the Built Environment Industry in South Africa. Thabo Nxumalo is at the helm of MDG, and he has vast and varied wide-ranging experience in this industry. The strength of MDG lies in our ability to provide clients from both the public and private sectors (e.g. government, property developers, financial institutions etc), with specialized services that optimally meet their specific needs.

Amongst MDG’s aims is to improve facilities and service delivery in South Africa and abroad to a level not experienced before, by partnering with government departments and other stakeholders in ensuring high standards in the respective industry.

What makes MDG unique?

  • Acclaimed / Trophy programme / project management experience
  • Successful Turnkey Infrastructure Delivery Model
  • Skills set for varied projects
  • Multi disciplinary team under one roof
  • Versatility and adaptability
  • Entrepreneurial skill balanced with corporate experience
  • Extensive government experience


MDG Project Management

Water and Sanitation

Project Value
Coedmore Avenue Pumpstation Elimination And Sewer Re-route R 700 000
Buffelskloof Bulk Sewer R 8.1 million
Mt. Royal Housing Project: Sewage Pumping Stations No.1 & 2 R 741 000
23 Dunveria Crescent Sewer Reticulation R 72 000
MR 577 Sewer Reticulation R 500 000
Inanda Police Station: Sewer Reticulation R 705 000
Inanda Police Station: Sewer Reticulation R 705 000
Inflow Trunk Sewer To Northern Works R 2.3 million
Inanda Newtown A Sewer Reticulation R 2.9 million
Langalibalele/White City, Phase 2- Sewer Reticulation R 5.1 million

Education Department

Project Value
Water and Sanitation Programme (Phase 3-6) R 68.9 million
Curriculum Upgrade Programme (Phase 1-3) R 78.8 million
Curriculum Upgrade Programme (Phase 1-3) R 78.8 million
Sanitation Programme R 21.2 million
Eradication of Inappropriate (Mud) Structures Programme (Planning only) R 73 million
Upgrades and Renovations of Schools Programme - (Planning only) R 201 million
Schools Upgrades and Additions Programme R 203.4 million
Full Service Schools Programme R 18.4 million


Project Value
Upgrading of existing Gravel Road (MIG) R 4.5 milllion
Upgrading of existing Gravel Roads, Stormwater and Sidewalks in Palm Springs R 2.5 million
Upgrading of Gravel Road (18km - Jericho-Makgabetlewane Road) in Brits, NW R 20 million
Gravel roads programme R 16 million

Department of Water Affairs and Forestation

Project Value
Sanitation Programme R 25.1 million


Project Value
Refurbishment of Historically Disadvantaged Boarding Schools Programme (HDBS-Phase 1-3)) R 68.3 million